The only accredited mental health education organization with 20 years history and thousands of real testimonials of recovery

It's not 'rocket-science'... it's just science. The science of true, fast, recovery... not hocus-pocus or endless talking. Just relief.


Providing psycho-educational programs of recovery and accredited practitioner qualifications.
Our CEO, Charles Linden, was born in Worcestershire, UK in 1968 and suffered from GAD, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, eating disorders and health anxiety till he was 27 years old. His experience prevented him from enjoying his childhood fully or fulfilling his dream of being a surgeon. Charles may have not become a surgeon as he had wished, but he has gone on to help more people and touch more lives than he could have ever done as a surgeon. Charles is married to Beth who manages the TLM events, Retreats and Practitioner Accreditation programs and they have two children, Charlie and Flo.


Trial date 2015 - Recovery efficacy was deminstrated at 100%. Clients experienced a reduction in anxiety levels from an average of GAD7 18.24 out of 21, to 2.84 out of 21. 5 is normal anxiety levels.

Charles' recovery after years of failed counselling, CBT, psychotherapy, medication, hypnosis, meditation, tapping and other therapies was created by reverse engineering a solution based on his own deep understanding of the conditions and the neurology and science of recovery. It later became clear why these treatments fail all patients and why our solution conforms to human biology... why it can't fail. 

The science of what we do is long-established and confirmed as the body's only mechanism for fully restoring emotional equilibrium in humans - we took this science and started helping people to quickly find true, full recovery. Other practices ignore this science in favour of providing a fee based treatment structur in order to maintain their business models.

When this all started, we didn't know that what we created would become the most successful anxiety recovery therapy in the world and that we would end up helping millions of people. It's truly wonderful.

How do you measure recovery?

Ask any sufferer what treatments they have had so far. Then ask what worked. We have helped tens of thousands of people who have tried most therapies and have been left, at best, unchanged, but usually, far worse than before.

We have built our organization on RECOVERY whilst others offer inappropriate therapies or medication that do not use 'curative' science; talking therapies, hypnosis, EFT, NLP and other, similar treatments are superficial and unscientific in their approach, which is why they don't work and why so many sufferers are left more desperate post treatment; effectiveness isn't measured by 'who comes back for more', it's measured by smiling happy faces of focused, emotionally balanced ex clients who are finally realizing their dreams and potential.

What started as helping a handful of very grateful clients to recover, is now the world's only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy housed within an NCFE accredited mental health education and recovery organization that has helped over 22 million people.

We don't dictate what works, science and human biology do. Our therapy is based on very simple human biology. Fact based treatment. When clients start using it, the 'lightbulb' goes on; because it makes such complete sense.


Why are we so unique?

- We were the first online therapy
- We are the oldest recovery resource with professional support
- We are the only organization to produce 100% recovery rates
- We are the ONLY accredited, dedicated anxiety recovery and practitioner educational organization
- We have over 20 years experience helping millions of people
- We are the only therapy resource to publish books, CDs and educational programs
- We are the only therapy resource to publish and produce DVDs and TV series
- Our curative outcomes are unmatched internationally
- We are the only mental health provision to provide free, unlimited professional support
- We are the only mental health provision to provide online recovery for over 20 years

Our research, trials, product development and fine tuning of all our services is ongoing.

We strive for absolute perfection.

We have policies and procedures in place that enable us to monitor outcomes, fine tune services and deliver services that maintain or improve outcomes and preserve our wonderful reputation.

Outcomes with compliant clients are maintained at 100% recovery rate which makes this the most successful anxiety recovery therapy.

LAR Therapy is the gold standard for Anxiety Disorder Recovery.

It is the only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder therapy.

Nothing comes close to what we do in terms of curative outcomes, variety of products and services and an unmatched international reputation. 

We are an educational organization, like any other college or university. We are NCFE accredited and registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers.

We are the only mental health provision to provide mobile enabled resources and support, anxiety and panic first-aid mobile apps, TV series, online and telephone support and workshop and residential format recovery programs.

Charles is a coach, advisor and consultant to industry, media, TV studios, film studios, sports clubs and government bodies. Charles is a published author through LifeWise Publishing, Hay House and his own publishing arm, Charles Linden Media. Charles' works include programs of practitioner education, programs of recovery, books, CDs, DVDs, websites, audios, webinars and many other resources. Charles is also a TV presenter of his own TV series, a radio guest, blogger, webinar presenter, presenter on hundreds of videos and DVDs and a consultant to government bodies, media and sport.

The team are made up of counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and a variety of of practitioners across healthcare, who work in support and in development and delivery of our courses. Our support team are BACP and BPS members, LAR accredited recovery practitioners and have thousands of hours experience helping many tens of thousands of people to recover.

Charles Linden - CEO and founder
Beth Linden - programs Director
Jackie Anderson - Facilities Director
Jo Goodchild - Events Director
Kathy Donovan - Head of Support
Jenny Brookes - Head of Psychology
Sheila Darley - Head of Psychotherapy
David Howell - Accountant & Company Secretary
Sue Allan - Finance & Accounts
Nicholas Jackson - Marketing Coordinator
Michael Hein - Technical Director
Michael Chapman - Business development/director Emotivate Health & Wellbeing
Paul Cartwright - Director of Operations
Michael Brown - Head of corporate affairs

Our residential retreats and workshops have been visited by thousands of clients from around the world. Their international reputation for recovery brings people from as far as New Zealand, South Africa, South America, Russia and Thailand to our venue in order to overcome their anxiety disorders. The Retreats have also had a large celebrity client attendance as the reputation of the recovery outcomes achieved have been passed across the entertainment industry.

Linden Tree Education is an NCFE accredited health education and recovery organization. We train Anxiety Recovery Practitioners remotely world-over through our Moodle virtual learning portal. The accreditation is at NCFE level 4, which is a professional level accreditation. For more information contact

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