Learn What Every Recovered Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Obsessions & Depression Sufferer Did to Recover

"It makes so much sense! The true science of recovery."


"When you start TLM, the relief is overwhelming... it's like removing a heavy backpack" Jackie Anderson

Simple - Supported - Life-Changing


Over 200,000 people in over 50 countries - Over 22 million resource users across 20 years of practice

*TLM/LAR is the only evidence based, dedicated, accredited anxiety recovery therapy. 100% recovery rate in trials. No other therapy comes close to the results experienced or the historic evidence.

The brain only knows one way to recover from anxiety disorders... we show you how.

The Method isn't just a 'treatment', it shows you THE only scientific solution... Read why

*Unlimited therapy sessions from qualified specialists (all ex sufferers) when YOU need them

*Support provided by qualified anxiety disorder recovery therapists - all psychotherapists/psychologists. MBACP/LAR/BPS

TLM is recommended and endorsed by doctors, clinics, psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health facilities world-over

What will you have to DO... and NOT do?
  • No need to stop or change medication
  • No homework, writing or practising
  • No trying to 'change thoughts'
  • No hypnosis or meditation
  • No CBT (Cognitive Therapy)
  • No paper bags or breathing techniques
  • No face-your-fear tactics or flooding
  • No 'alternative' practices
  • No endless 'blaming' or 'talking therapy'
  • No tapping, eye-movement therapy etc.
  • No 'mumbo jumbo'
  • Everything will make TOTAL sense
What will you get when you join?
  • Instant access to the simple recovery method
  • Mobile enabled panic & anxiety stopper apps
  • Phobia and obsession stopper apps
  • Instant, unlimited access to accredited experts 
  • Dozens of 'symptoms explaine'd videos
  • Anxiety recovery live webinar recordings
  • All our stress & anxiety TV & DVD releases
  • All of our audios for relaxation & insomnia
  • Videos about why you suffer & how to fix it
  • Mobile access to instant reassurance & advice
  • Common sense, fast acting anxiety recovery
  • Real recovery & not just 'coping'

Just simple, proven science based, logical and easy-to-do anxiety removal for people of all ages

It's so simple. In fact, there's really no effort involved.

"What was truly incredible was that after years of medication, therapy, hypnosis, psychiatry and counselling, within 3 minutes of starting TLM, it made total sense. In fact, I felt a bit of an idiot because it was so simple. I asked myself... Why hadn't I realised this myself? But the answer is simple. When you are caught up in anxiety, phobias, obsessions and fear, it's just like being in the eye of a storm. What's so beautiful about this therapy is that the moment you start, it starts. You watch a couple of videos, listen to a short audio and it works right away. Charles likens it to eating to cure hunger; and that's exactly what it's like. It just 'fades away'. Genius. No wonder so many people have used this Method and recovered. Anyone who tells you it doesn't work, either hasn't done it or is a mean fool."

Karen Greenway. Chelmsford. UK    Read more reviews

Simple recovery from all emotional conditions and their symptoms:

  • Anxiety (generalised anxiety disorder)
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD
  • Agoraphobia, fear of being alone
  • Health anxiety
  • Emetophobia (Fear of being sick)
  • ROCD, HOCD, POCD / obsessive thoughts
  • Digestive complaints e.g. IBS, indigestion...
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and low mood
  • Self-harming and eating disorders
  • Depersonalization and/or derealization
  • School phobia and childhood anxiety
  • PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Fear of dying
  • M.E. & CFS
  • Fibromyalgia and exhaustion
  • Stress
TLM resets emotional equilibrium and removes any unwanted emotional experiences.
Mobile enabled with instant access to first-aid tools, recovery programs, support, webinars and resources

Hollie, age 15, on her recovery from anxiety, panic, OCD & self-harming using TLM after leaving a famous residential mental health facility worse than she went in

Our director, Charles Linden, on why TLM is the world's only accredited, dedicated RECOVERY therapy and why it's so simple to fully recover.

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TLM shows you how to reset your emotional balance.

This will benefit you in a number of ways...
  • Remove anxiety, panic attacks, obsessions and phobias
  • Remove health anxiety and fear of dying
  • Stop inappropriate thoughts and fixations
  • Improve mood and enjoyment of life
  • Remove digestive complaints like IBS, indigestion etc.
  • Improve sleep and rest, stop/prevent insomnia
  • Remove heart symptoms such as palpitations
  • Remove focus on yourself, how you feel or think
  • Improve self-confidence and ability to focus
  • Remove agoraphobia & monophobia
  • Remove eating disorders or self-harming
  • Remove physical symptoms and fixations
  • Erase dizziness, confusion and racing thoughts
  • Remove depersonalization and/or derealization
  • Travel freely, remove flight anxiety or fear of being alone
  • Erase school-phobia, childhood/separation anxiety
  • Remove social phobia and fear of public speaking
  • Become emotionally balanced and focused
  • Remove M.E., CFS, fibromyalgia and exhaustion
  • Remove depression and scary thoughts

Why is what we do for you so different?

We are different for many, many reason, but here are the top SEVEN that mean the most to you
1   The ONLY accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy

2   The ONLY mental health organisation that provides 1000's of real testimonials

3   The ONLY mental health organisation to offer unlimited professional support free of charge

4   The least expensive mental health organisation in the world

5   The ONLY mental health organisation with online, workshop, corporate, residential & home access programs

6   THE BIG ONE - The only anxiety recovery therapy with 100% recovery rates in trials

7   The ONLY anxiety recovery resource with thousands of real recovery reviews & testimonials
This isn't OUR science, it's simple human biology - ignored by all other practices

If you want to understand more about how we can help you (the only true way to recover) read this explanation below.

This recovery program is based on LAR therapy - The only accredited, dedicated anxiety recovery therapy. Truly, the only one in the world.

The therapies you have received previously are 'shoe-horned' - This means that they were developed for other uses but applied to anxiety conditions because there was no other option.

20 years of practice, research, trials and real-life recovery at 100% success rate has created the process that removes anxiety disorders fast: and it's so simple.

Here's a challenge for you - Try and find any other practice or practitioner with thousands of verifiable clients, doctors, psychologists and celebrities who state 'I am cured'. Our therapy is the only one that can demonstrate thousands of real cases that have had anxiety disorder completely removed. This doesn't exist elsewhere for any other anxiety resource because no other resource or therapy produces recovery outcomes.

What does this mean? Here's the 'science bit'

- No other therapeutic process has ever been developed specifically to address anxiety disorders - Anxiety is 'shoehorned' into existing, inappropriate therapies.

- No other therapy produces total recovery - You see, the mind and body works in synergy in a very set way in every human - There is only one process that removes anxiety disorders regardless of how they started or how they effect you.

- No other therapy focuses on recovery - All other therapies were developed to address the conditions superficially but not to address the root cause. Hence their lack of success... I am sure you know all about that!

- No other therapy provides unlimited, constant access to care - None! We provide what the sufferer needs most - Reassurance, guidance, simplicity of use and fast, clearly defined results that make you feel better fast.

- No other therapy provides remote learning, workshop, residential and online portal access to care and support - Our unique delivery means that clients feel supported and that recovery happens efficiently

LAR therapy is administered by accredited, professional anxiety recovery practitioners.

LAR therapy is the oldest dedicated system for curing anxiety disorders. If you haven't heard of it before, that is because it has always been practised privately by a small group of highly trained practitioners - Why? To maintain curative outcomes and the highest level of care and practice.

EVERY recovered anxiety disorder sufferer in the world recovered in this way

It doesn't matter whether they realise this or not, but EVERY human that ever had ANY form of anxiety disorder has recovered using the process outlined in TLM...

But how can that be?

Because there is only one process that removes anxiety disorders.

In the same way as you can't cure hunger or tiredness with medication, hypnosis, meditation or any other therapy, you cannot recover from 'anxiety' (fear disorders) with them either... fear is an emotion... necessary and untouchable.

BUT, you can recover from anxiety disorders and the process by which we do that is natural, scientific, simple and 'common sense'.

It's built into your psychology BUT, you haven't accessed it yet, which is why you still suffer. There is NO OTHER cause of your disorder.

This is how we create recovery so quickly; we use the TRUE science that all other therapies don't understand or miss; either completely by choice or through ignorance.

So if you know someone who has recovered, the process within TLM is how they did it, because that's just the way the brain and body work.

Why don't public healthcare use TLM?

1. Who wants to manufacture a car tyre that doesn't wear? Curing people isn't good for the economy of healthcare or the redundant practitioners it would produce.

2. They have too much money invested in therapies and therapists that don't produce these curative results.

3. Healthcare is very guarded and entrenched in procedure. HOWEVER - Our greatest number of referrals come from psychologists, doctors and clinics who have failed to help their patients or see that what we do actually works.

LAR Therapy’s evolution

LAR evolved from the core knowledge that complete removal of anxiety disorders and both the predisposition to suffering and elimination of the chance of a return of the conditions is, not only, possible, but inevitable if the mind and body receive the correct data required to deactivate it.

What does this mean in simple terms? All anxious humans CAN and WILL reciver fully if they do what the brain needs.

How do we know this? Because despite the widespread belief and dissemination of the message that anxiety related conditions require lifelong management, coping skills or medication, people DO recover fully.

If one human can recover, so can the rest.

Based only on the fact that practitioners do not know how to create recovery or, alternatively, know how to do so but choose not to, LAR therapy developed based on the process that leads to full and permanent elimination of high anxiety conditions. With the absence of an active disorder, the predisposition to suffering can then be addressed and switched off... directly and effectively.

Historic treatment methods

Historically, anxiety disorders have been dealt with using medication, coping strategies and management techniques with a focus on cognitive style therapies; but the psychophysiology of anxiety disorders has been somewhat ignored during their development, partly because of inaccurate data and partly because of a distinct lack of understanding about the true nature of anxiety disorders, the predisposition that leads to their development and the perpetuation of them through an individual’s autonomic responses and vastly counter-productive treatment methods.

In other words... you've probably tried every therapy going... but you haven't yet tried the scientific one that actually does the job!

What is certain is that, in the majority of cases, people are confused about the relationship between anxiety and the emotion of fear and also between anxiety and clinical depression, often being told that they suffer from both in comorbidity.

Of course the science of that statement couldn’t be more flawed and yet many patients exist in the belief that they experience both and that antidepressants, for example, have been prescribed to correct chemical imbalances that cause anxiety disorders; quite where this science is sourced is unclear, but it flies in the face of neurological, psycho-physiological and psycho-chemical fact.

Further complications arise when conditions such as OCD are moved away from the anxiety category of conditions into the depression category or even, in some cases and usually by individual practitioners, into psychosis. Utter nonsense.

Not an issue of ‘mental health’

Anxiety disorders are not a mental health issue; they are conditions associated with the fear response mechanism, commonly referred to as ‘flight or fight’.

Their formation is not through direct malfunction of the fear response mechanism, nor through the effect of altered chemical equilibrium, but through the interaction of a genetically inherited psychological ability operating in a, seemingly, totally unassociated part of the human mind.

This happens only amongst those predisposed to suffering from these conditions.

It is so common for Pure O sufferers to be labelled as suffering from depression or psychosis, BPD or other mental illness because the practitioners haven’t understood high anxiety conditions and the neurology and psychological manifestations associated with the conditions. There are many examples of jumbled science and misinterpretations in practice and sufferers know all too well what those are and the impact they have on them.LAR changes that.

So how did this therapy develop?

We discovered the true cause of high anxiety conditions in 1997 and having identified the true source (in the genetic predisposition to suffering), we created a structure that both removed anxiety conditions systemically, but also corrected the interactions in the subconscious mind that predisposes people to suffering.

In other words, we found a solution and also an antdote for the future.

LAR therapy developed from 20 years experience working with clinical psychologists, occupational psychologists, counselling psychotherapists and a variety of educational specialists, refining the therapy into a structure now delivered by LAR accredited practitioners in home-learning/online, workshop, app and residential recovery program formats.

LAR therapy accreditation is provided by the NCFE at level 4 and accredited practitioners practice under license in individual, joint, educational and corporate practice environments.LAR Therapy conforms to NICE Guidance CG113 for use in clinical practice and healthcare settings.

How does LAR work and why is it different?

LAR is a proven structured education programme – LAR works very differently to most therapies...

  • It educates the brain to replace inappropriate emotional responses with appropriate responses
  • It creates neurology that protects the sufferer from a return of their disorder
  • It creates physical as well and mental equilibrium and wellbeing
  • It relieves hyper-anxiety – enhancing personal life choices and opportunities
  • It encourages self-management of anxiety recovery without over reliance on professional help and support
  • It provides hope and motivation for suffers who have not found more mainstream therapies effective
  • It engages high anxiety sufferers through an authentic ex -sufferer narrative
  • It is underpinned by the science of behavioural neurology
  • It's supported by support staff who are registered members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
  • Works for people who have used/are using traditional psychological therapy interventions, medication and other therapies 
  • Support staff are all ex-anxiety disorder sufferers
  • Offers an improved alternative choice to core NHS/private therapies

But what does this all mean to YOU?

It's very simple. It means that you just found the one thing that will work for you - because you have just found the only possible way to rebalance your emotions and 'forget' anxiety forever.


The SIX 'most commonly asked' questions about TLM answered...


How long does it take to work?


It works immediately. The emotion of fear is deactivated immediately on receiving the correct 'off' command; the question isn't 'how long will it take to work?', but 'how long will it take you to watch the video instructions and start doing as instructed? As this process is the only way to remove anxiety disorders, it's a case of 'just doing it'. Failure is as impossible as eating failing to cure hunger! Just try it.


Is it easy to do?


The Method is just a different version of what you do already, BUT an easier version. The immediate pay-off is a sense of excitement as you feel the anxiety retreating. Children of seven years of age do it without even knowing they are... so you can do it with ease!


Does it matter how long you have suffered or the severity of your disorder?


Whether you have suffered for 10 minutes or decades, regardless of how severe your disorder is, regardless of what medication you take or what you have been told by practitioners previously... TLM will immediately PROVE to you that recovery will still only take a few days to transform your emotional experience of the world and your life... why? because that's just the way the brain and body developed to work... you have been misled by your mind and ignorant practitioners till now. But now you have found people who have been there, got out and know how to bring recovery to you too.


Does it cause more anxiety?


Do we have to 'face our fears'? Good lord NO. In fact that kind of cognitive therapy practice is hugely counter-productive. What you will do will remove fear from day one... not add to it! It's so simple and, actually, fun.


Will taking medication effect recovery?


No, not at all. When your anxiety has gone, the medication will be completely redundant so you can then just stop taking it. (Talk to your doctor about doing so).


Why does it cost money?


Because the resources you receive and the qualified support are 'second to none'... you'll know that when you access them. Nothing comes close to the level of relief and support you will experience. Our team are qualified mental health professionals and they are yours on an unlimited basis from day one. We are actually the least expensive professional mental health resource in the world.


Can it fail?


Here's the real clincher... no it can't fail. The biological response to this programme is the same as eating to cure hunger or drinking to cure thirst; the process is preset in your mind and body. Simply following the instructions switches off your anxiety disorder. This is not our science, it's human biology. This is why our success rate is so high... you'll see this when youjoin TLM.


Can children and older people do it?


It was developed to be easy to access and use for people of all ages. Children find it very simple to do indeed and results are usually experienced much faster in younger people. TLM works for all humans.


Can it be used by people with autistic spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, physical impairments, selective mutism and other unconnected disorders?


YES - In fact, most clients with any other mental or physical condition, often find that those conditions are massively improved by implementing TLM. Emotional and chemical equilibrium brings with it such massively impactful balance and wellbeing.

TLM is available in two versions for immediate access